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PureHydration Multi-Use bottles are simply the best stainless steel bottles on the market. The difference is our bottles are insulated using Tri-Ply, What does that mean? The contents stay hot or cold all day long with no temperature transfer to the outside of the bottle!  But that's just the beginning...


Each and every bottle contains a removable ice strainer or dam, this wonderful feature prevents ice from crashing into your teeth while drinking. It also keeps the ice from blocking the drinking spout so your cool beverages keep flowing without interruption.


We have added the industries first enclosed stainless steel infusing basket.  This wonderful addition is used to add delicious and healthy fruit like, lemons, strawberries, oranges, blueberries, or even mint leaves to your water so you can enjoy all the flavour without the mess. This allows a limitless combinations of fresh fruits, and herb to flavour your water. The infuser option provides a great alternative to plain water and removes the temptation of sugary drinks.


Using the same infusing baskets your bottle can now be transformed into your own personal Tea house. Simply add your favourite loose tea and steep until the ideal flavour has been achieved. The sealed stainless steel basket keeps your tea leaves in the bottle and not in your mouth.


Quite simply the PureHydration Multi-Use bottle is the most versatile and best product for all your beverage needs.


Inside every Pure-Hydration Multi Use bottle you will find two infusers to make your drinking experience complete.



Allows you to make loose tea and nutrient-rich, fruit infused water on the go. Remove for easy clean up. Allowing limitless combinations of fresh fruit,teas and herbs the bottle provides a great alternative to plain water and removes the temptation of sugary drinks.


Works great as a strainer for larger fruit keeping fruit and seeds in your bottle not in your mouth. Prevents ice from splashing and blocking the drinking spout.


PureHydration is the first Triple Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle on the market. We wanted to create the best bottle that we could, so we developed Tri-Ply to ensure that our bottles will give our customers the quality that they are looking for.


The Tri-Ply process as you would expect is made up of three layers. These layers combine to create a barrier that maintains the temperature of your drink for the longest time possible. So what that means is that your Hot drinks stay hot for up to 9 Hours, and your Cold drinks stay cold for 36 hours!


Quite simply, Tri-Ply makes PureHydration the ultimate stainless steel bottle.



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